About Us

You don’t have to wear a crown to feel like a queen!

At Regal on Queen, we want you to leave our store feeling the most beautiful, feminine and confident version of your ‘self’.

Whether you are searching for an outfit for a weekend away on the coast, to go out to dinner in or one for lazy days spent in your home, we can help you find the perfect outfit that reflects your own personal style.

Founded in 2018, the 'Regal' name honours the memory of store owner Bernadette's late father and legendary horseman, Kevin Robinson, who ran the successful horse training business, ‘Regal Lodge’.

Bernadette has more than 38 years’ experience working in the fashion industry.

She has a deep passion for building a memorable and lasting relationship with her customers and understands the importance of a personal in-store experience, which can sometimes be lost in our fast-paced, busy world.

Each collection is handpicked by Bernadette and mirrors the ever-evolving nature of fashion, while still celebrating the understated, classic styles that are influencing the outfits of today’s modern woman.

If you can’t make it to our store, don’t worry, you can still receive the same old-fashioned customer service from our online store, just as you would walking into our little shop in Berry, NSW.

“I enjoy helping people feel good about themselves. Every woman is beautiful in their own individual way and I think it’s important we dress to express our inner elegance.” ~ Bernadette Robinson, owner of Regal on Queen