More than just a outfit...

As Friday creeps up on us, and I start to feel the work week drift away and my style starts to unveil.

I’ll head to work in my favourite dress, with cute heels and a little more makeup than usual. I feel unstoppable, knowing that today the universe has my back. I manifest that it will be a great day, thanks to my outfit and positive attitude…and it works.

Not even the worst working day can be wrecked, because I feel confident, I trust my decisions and my outfit gives me confidence that I know myself. I feel me. When you browse items and find pieces and outfits that compliment your body, style and personality, it helps you to exude confidence and poise. It’s something we all appreciate – a boost that doesn’t expire.

As a woman I feel like we don’t need to dress to impress others. We should wear clothes for ourselves. We owe it to ourselves to feel as amazing as we are.

To that end – you deserve that new outfit you’ve been dreaming about. It’s for you and will represent you. You have earned this. And do know, this outfit will give back to you in more ways than you may realise.

Love, Abbey